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The Longevity Centre is committed to the accessibility of nutritional education. For this reason, we offer two levels of study via distance education. Both programs are designed either for those interested in personal health enhancement or for those who seek career growth in the nutrition industry. They differ in respect to your goals.

The Level I program is intended to provide a foundation in the principles of nutrition and is suited both for those who have a personal dedication to health and nutrition and for those who desire, in the future, to advance further and complete the Level II program. Full credit for the Nutritional Awareness Certificate can, upon successful completion, be applied towards the fulfillment of the requirements of the Level II (Nutritional Counselling Diploma) program.

Our Level II advanced program is designed to meet the needs of the student who is pursuing the R.N.C. or R.N.C.P. designation. (The professional designation R.N.C.P. is granted only by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants [I.O.N.C.]).

Level I:  Program Description for Level I
Nutritional Awareness Certificate (A foundational program in the principles of natural nutrition.)

Level II:  Program Description for Level II
Nutritional Counselling Diploma (A thorough and advanced treatment of the subject of natural nutrition.)


The certificate program is designed for those who have a keen interest in health and nutrition, or who are presently employed in the nutritional field. This program is also ideal for personal health enhancement or for supporting career growth in the nutritional industry. This course offers a comprehensive foundation in nutritional studies.

The certificate program is the first two modules of the Diploma Program, requiring a total of 36 credits. (One credit hour is the approximate equivalent to one semester hour, or 6 - 12 hours of home study assignments). This program of instruction is designed for those who desire to apply the principles of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle in their own lives, and in the lives of their family members and friends. This program, when completed, may be applied with full credit towards the Nutritional Counselling Diploma.


(Dip. N.C.) This course provides training for individuals who are seeking personal or career growth in the field of natural nutrition. Its objectives are to provide students with a solid foundation in the principles of natural nutrition, to enable them to apply essential nutritional knowledge in the therapeutic client/practitioner relationship, and to prepare them to meet the challenge of the rapidly growing complementary health care system.

Graduates from this program are strongly encouraged to apply for membership in the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (I.O.N.C.) and to obtain the designation, R.N.C. (Registered Nutritional Consultant), or the professional designation, R.N.C.P. (Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner).

A Student can progress at his/her own pace. The diploma program consists of 88 credits. (One credit hour is the approximate equivalent of one semester hour, or 6 - 12 hours of home study assignments and case studies). The program may take anywhere from six months to two years to complete. A proctored final examination is required when all modules of studies have been completed.

  • The purpose of this exam is to permit the student to display overall competence in applying the knowledge learned in this program
  • A proctor is a responsible person (who works preferably in the education field) who will receive and administer the exam, and then return it to our school for assessment.

A diploma will be awarded to those candidates who have successfully completed all courses, as set out in the curriculum, and who have passed the necessary written exams designed for each subject.