Why should I choose The Longevity Centre?

  1. Our Director is very highly educated to provide an excellent curriculum of courses. Three of his credentials include a Naturopathic degree, a Medical degree, and a degree in education. 
  2. The diploma program is divided into five modules. This means that payment for the program is divided into five separate payments, rather than having to pay all up front as most correspondence schools require.
  3. We provide all the course material and text books you need in order to complete the program. This service is provided so that students do not have to be hassled with trying to locate any additional material.

Is The Longevity Centre Recognized?
Yes. The Longevity Centre is recognized by two separate associations. The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (I.O.N.C.) recognizes our program and offers the Registered Nutritional Consultant professional designation. The Longevity Centre is also registered with the Private Career Training Institutes(PCTIA) (Regestration #1690).

What is a R.N.C.(P.)?
Registered Nutritional Consultants (RNC's) are professionals trained in nutrition and complementary therapies who educate individuals and groups about the benefits of a sound nutritional program and a healthy lifestyle to encourage the body to achieve optimum health.

Since every person is biochemical composition is unique, individual nutritional imbalances and weaknesses must be accessed. A RNC will recommend specific diets and nutritional support to help their clients build and maintain well-being.

RNC's help others to make the best possible food choices. It is important to eat a wide variety to ensure all essential nutrients are included in the diet. A RNC will introduce new dietary habits, incorporating the latest nutritional breakthrough , but it may be difficult to achieve optimal health through food alone. In such cases, RNC's are trained to personalize dietary supplement programs.
By Patricia Raymond, PhD, RNC

What career options are there for an R.N.C.P.?
The expanding focus on a holistic approach to health and nutrition will become a powerful trend in the new millennium, creating many job opportunities. Clearly, those who recognize a trend at the early stages of its lifecycle will be in the best position to prepare for the many new businesses and professional openings that will profit by your nutritional counselling abilities.

With our extensive Nutritional Counselling Program you will be a highly trained practitioner who will be qualified to work with various heath professionals such as: Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Homeopaths, Medical Doctors, Herbalists, etc.

The Longevity Centre does not locate or guarantee employment for students. There are many employment opportunities for R.N.C.'s and R.N.C.P.'s. Our Nutritional Counselling program has been designed for the following pursuits:

  • Your own nutrition counselling business
  • Establishing a wellness center with other practitioners
  • Health food sales representative
  • Pharmaceutical company advisor
  • Sports nutrition Counsellor to athletes or athletic teams
  • Nutritional advisor to a health club, weight loss clinic, spa
  • Writing for health, fitness, nutrition magazines
  • Operating or working within a holistic clinic
  • Offering seminars to businesses

What is the difference between the Nutritional Awareness Certificate and the Nutritional Coaching Diploma?
The Longevity Centre is committed to the accessibility of nutritional education. For this reason, we offer two levels of study via distance education. Both programs are designed for those interested in personal health enhancement or for career growth in the nutrition industry. They differ in respect to your goals. The Level I program is intended to provide a foundation in the principles of nutrition and is suited for those who have a personal dedication or for those who in the future desire to advance further and obtain the Level II program. Upon completion of the Nutritional Awareness Certificate, full credit can then be used towards the Level II program.

Our Level II advanced courses are intended for the student who is pursuing a R.N.C. or R.N.C.P. designation (the professional designation R.N.C.P. is granted by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (I.O.N.C.)).

Level I: Nutritional Awareness Certificate

Level II: Nutritional Coaching Diploma

Does The Longevity Centre have any in-class courses?
No. The Longevity Centre has offered in-class courses in the past, but in order to offer courses to people living long distances away the school has changed to the home study approach.